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about me

Hi, My name is Kelly.

I work with clients to address a variety of health issues including stress management, improving diet and exercise, and adjusting to a life-altering event such as exploring new career avenues, navigating a new stage of life, or facing a new health crisis.

I can also work with groups, couples and families to help ensure that clients have all the support they require when making changes. 

I use a variety of coaching strategies including my signature four step process.


First, we clarify your values and aspirations. Second, we perform a self-assessment and select area of focus to get started. Third, we create a powerful plan of action that sets you up for success. Finally, I provide ongoing support and accountability as you work your plan to completion. 

I’m well-versed in the change process. So, I know what roadblocks to expect and what strategy to suggest to overcome a particular obstacle whether internal or external. 

I don’t tell clients what to do. Instead, these strategies help you reorient and clear away the clutter so that you can find your inner compass and chart your unique path forward. 

I have an extensive practice and training in family studies, human development, meditation and mindful practices, kundalini yoga and my superpower as an intuitive / energy healer.


So, I bring a wealth of knowledge about growth and transformation to the process. 

Plus, I have a wealth of personal experience. I’ve grappled with a variety of setbacks, obstacles, and thorny transitions myself. For instance, I’ve overcome the challenges of a failed marriage, raising my children on my own, depression, pivoting careers and health setbacks.  

As your wellness coach, I apply my experience and intuitive processes to facilitate your success. 

Whatever your wellness challenge, working with a coach is a proven way to increase your odds of success!


So, don't delay, call today!  You deserve to be happy.

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