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Mystic Entrepreneur

Mystical entrepreneurs don’t just start businesses, they shift the paradigm

All entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, change-makers, and disrupters are mystic entrepreneurs.  What does that mean? Think about when you had your brilliant idea to help change the world for better; the inspiration came through you; your visions were downloaded, your thoughts and feelings were guided.  This is part of the internal GPS system we have as creators. When we become wrapped up in the intensity of running a successful business we can disconnect with our greatest business partner, Infinite Intelligence.  Then we function at a fraction of our capacity. Let's get back on course, for the good of all, and take it to Infinity and beyond.  

Allow yourself the direct experience of being led to full power.


The Aquarian Age is a new landscape and in order for a business to truly succeed both financially and for the good of all,

there needs to be a willingness to ask these questions:

How is my business serving humanity?

We understand the specific daily operations of a business, and odds are you started a business to make a difference.  Understand how to support your business to continue to evolve, thrive and move to the next level where you will truly be serving humanity.


Is your company's consistent innovations on course with the company "soul contract"?

Is your company in alignment with your soul contracts, in other words, are you fulfilling an aspect of the whole that was meant to you to fulfill? And if you are is the company on the right track to upleveling innovation in alignment with it's pre-determined outcome?   Some times companies are meant to change the course of history, not just turn the course of a profit.

Are you grounded in the "Spirit" of potential exit strategies? 

A vision and mission for a company is one to be proud of and stand behind assuming it is on track with the Eternal Creator's plan and your soul contracts.  The question is, what position are you taking to ground yourself so that the company can ripen and retire from your control?  You birthed, raised and nourished the project, how will you gracefully move on to close one life contract to begin another?

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