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Clarity is at the core of self-love and personal power.

Are you feeling called to do inner work?  Sometimes our belief systems, self-imposed limitations, past trauma and wounding, addictions and habits get in the way of moving forward.  My name is Kelly and I am at your service to help you move forward in your life and live with clarity, peace, joy and love.

Healing Touch Therapy_1

healing session

My personal sessions combine my gifts of intuitive healing, and pranic energy to give you tangible results to heal, evolve, and understand every area of your life. 

Yoga at Home

private yoga, meditation and coaching

My 1:1 yoga and meditation sessions centre on the Kundalini Kriya techniques that are time tested and proven to provide results. 

what clients say

"Kelly exudes warmth, love, and light. Her presence brings overwhelming tranquility. 


During a healing session she clearly explains what she is doing and why in a quiet, purposeful way. It puts her clients at ease, allows them to understand and trust the process, and validates what the client may be experiencing while the work is being done. This is so critical, especially if this is an initial introduction to this type of healing. Through her natural ability to connect with others and Source, she is quickly able to build rapport with her clients.  This allows her clients to be more receptive to the experience, and in turn receive so much more out of the session.


She is warm and real. Kelly is always willing to support individuals though their healing or spiritual journey. There is no judgment about where an individual is on their path.  She does not rush them through their own personal processing that occurs during and away from the session. She is gentle and patient. Nothing is ever forced and in this way, she allows you to be the pilot in your healing; she is the guide.


She provides simple and easy to follow “homework” for the client to continue to do the work in between sessions. She gives visual, auditory, physical cues for the client to work with, to help them continue on their road to healing between sessions. 


Kelly is a conduit to peace and healing. She lights the path to help us discover and reconnect to our divine selves. It is joy and a blessing to be able to work with her."

Amanda, Cranio-sacrel Therapist and RMT

I was attracted by her Divine Love, as well as her radiant personality. When I attended class, whatever doubts I had were quickly laid to rest. As I participated in the process, I experienced awareness and an automatic evolution in my energetic  Being and was gently pushed forward on the path to the quickening.

I noticed the lines between my world and the Infinite begin to blur. In this state of deep inner awareness, I was also seeing rays of light surrounding Kelly's aura which was so powerful. The deep breathing exercises, with all its challenges to perfect, is easily reached when guided by Kelly. Her gentle coaching and pushing beyond my imagined limitations reached a state of blissfulness in her presence. A strong connection to purity is felt in her sessions and this left me in total trust of her care.

At the end of each session, Kelly reviews the details, which allows me to share more experiences, which is so healing. With that deep understanding of her love, I forever leave her sessions feeling uplifted and with a sense of being guided on the path of Being, closer to the ONE.

Thank you, Kelly, for all that you are and your inner love. It is heartfelt by me and your students. It is truly an honor to attend your classes and your sessions.

Blessings to you.


Murielle GagnonSpiritual Counselor

I was born with the inability to produce glutathione transferase, a compound involved in the first line of defense when the body needs to detoxify. As a result, my body detoxifies very slowly and is overwhelmed easily when exposed to chemicals. In such an event, I become quite ill; so much so that I have been near death. Slight exposure to chemicals causes the bones and muscles of my spine and neck to constrict, causing a great deal of pain.

When I first met Kelly she sensed my pain and discomfort and literally, with the whisk of her hand, released the tension and accompanying pain from my shoulders and neck. I have had further healing sessions with her and the tension, which used to be part of my daily life, has not returned.
I have spoken of only the medical issues she has addressed, but I also feel I have experienced emotional as well as spiritual healings. The peace that overcomes me during a session is beautiful and I feel very fluid. I am much stronger and confident due to these healings.

I believe that what we need in life is presented to us, if we ask, we just have to recognize it. If you are reading this testimonial, then you are meant to experience the benefits of a session with Kelly.

Wishing You Love and Peace

Davida Clegg Reconnective Healer

Coming across this form of yoga with the same name by accident ~

although there is no such thing as an accident ~ and thinking I am usually open-minded, I thought to try the class.

Well, I have to say I became a follower of Kelly from that day onwards.

Kelly is a beautiful person; on the outside and inside. She gives unconditionally. Kelly has taken the time before and after class to assist me as I needed. She exudes radiant energy & is professional, very amiable, approachable & kind. She adds humor to her classes to lighten the atmosphere when need be.

It is with gratitude I have crossed paths with Kelly. I feel she is truly the most aware person that I know. I feel she is enlightened. A living Bodhisattva.

My week would be incomplete without attending her weekly Kundalini yoga class. I am loyal to her class loyal for many reasons as she is assisting me to grow at great lengths. I am ascending.

I am LOVE.

Tija Coules / Thai Massage Therapist

I am so grateful to Kelly and her gift to heal. At my last doctor's appointment my tumor protein numbers went down and the nodule did not grow so they won't need to check it again for another two years. The tumor was declared benign. Such good news!!

I  wanted to share something else with Kelly that I find very interesting after she worked with me in my room. That fear that has always been with me,  especially that I had with my mother, is gone. .


I feel that I  have got my power back. I’m not scared. What a gift! 


Thank you, Kelly. 

Tania M. / Film Director

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