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After a serious accident I came into the power to heal on all levels.  

I can tune into your mind, body and soul and communicate what it is that you need to know.

All healings involve advanced techniques in Pranic (energy) healing whether we are working with you, your family, or a group.

Furthermore, we can ask deceased and family members and others to join us "remotely"if necessary.

Each session lasts 75 minutes and takes place remotely, at my healing studio, your home, or location of your event.

The first 60 minutes are channelled and the last 15 minutes we review.


Each class is custom designed to suit the needs of your soul journey.

At the beginning of the class I will scan the energy to determine what needs to be healed.

The scientific approach of Kundalini Yoga will be applied.

Our angels and guides will provide supplemental direction throughout the meditation.

I am :
Certified in Kundalini Yoga at YogaWest, Vancouver, BC - spiritual name: Interpret Kaur. (2006) and Transcendental Meditation: Trinidad, West Indies. (2005)


Family portrait

family first

The family dynamic is the most important one we will live in our lifetime.  


What if you could know each other's soul contracts in relation to your own.  


Don't you think it would be easier to have a more harmonious and deeply connected family experience? 


Let's get started.

self care

Would you like to know why you are here? What your soul purpose is?  


And heal from childhood trauma, neglect or abandonment?  


Perhaps you are still caught up in the karma of a past life.


Would you like to overcome your self-destructive patterns and blocks?


Would you like to speak to a deceased loved one so that you can move forward? 


I can help.

Reiki Treatment
People giving a high five

group / events

Would you like to provide your group or conference event with an experience like no other?  


Would you like to gift your group with the experience of a collective healing and guided meditation from an advanced practitioner? 

I am at your service.

You don't need to keep yourself or your family in the vicious cycle of trauma, hurt, pain, depression, sleep deprivation, conflict in relationships, or the inability to feel fulfilled or happy.

Life is meant to be stress free and fun.


Reach out today. 

Stressed Woman
A girl feeling sad

"Kelly is a wonderful teacher. She is kind, warm-hearted, and wise.


When I met Kelly I was at a fairly low point in my life. I felt lost and foggy about where to go in my life. As I was working through this "dark night of the soul" of mine, I showed up at her studio every week to practice yoga with her.


During our practices, she used her wisdom that she learned from her life and her spiritual practice to guide me through some tough times. I am very grateful for her.


I've also received a healing session from Kelly. She is an extremely gifted healer. The insights she received from my energy, and my spirit guides helped me tremendously. I felt empowered throughout and after our session together.


Thank you, Kelly! I really cannot say enough great things about you and how much you've helped me on my journey. I highly recommend working with Kelly!!" Nia C

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