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my story

What the heck does Kula mean?  Well, in Spanish it means "ass" but I didn't know that until I lived in Costa Rica when everyone looked at me funny whenever I mentioned my company name.  Lol. But in Sanskrit it means "tribe" or "community", so let's roll with that.

Warning: when you come to my classes and work with me as a coach you will have to put up with my goofiness, bad jokes, and heartfelt intention to serve you in the best way I know how.

My Story

I clearly remember sitting in our suburban Toronto Catholic Church at about 8 years old and feeling the power of the Almighty Spirit.  While gazing at a statue of Jesus hanging from the cross, I thought,  "l am going to be a nun."  


Four years later I started working in film, smoking pot and swearing like a truck driver.  I became a vampire instead due to working a decade of nights on TV series like Twilight Zone, The Hitchhiker,  Top Cops and Millennium, and a whole slew of feature films.  There were the  red carpets,  private jets with A-List celebrities, party after party and then Spirit seduced me back "home" and into a deep practice of Kundalini Yoga starting at YogaWest in Vancouver, BC.  Shortly after I was led to living in a Buddhist Dharma House in Boulder City, Nevada after taking a random trip to the Grand Canyon with Dzogechen Lineage Buddhist master, Khenpo Choga Rinpoche to study Buddhism deeply, for a year, and serve Khenpo while he wrote his holy book, "The Buddha Path". 


The Barenaked Ladies and film work, along with director, Jason Priestly (yes, 90210), seduced me away, back to my love of filmmaking.  Blessed I am that in between projects, Spirit brings me back to awareness and this time through certification of Transcendental Meditation while in Trinidad, West Indies during the course of romance with a world famous surfer and artist.  These personal, romantic and spiritual experiences in life swept me deeper into ocean of Oneness with my Beloved God.  


Spiraling up into the rabbit hole of evolution my next guru, Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self Realization Fellowship provided deeper practice and understanding.  And currently, the living guru, Sri Vasudeva, of the Blue Star Ashram in Trinidad continues to be my home away from home and retreat into service and further learning.  


My initiation into Kriyaban from the SRF Kriya Yoga headquarters in LA and multiple levels of Pranic Healing certifications through Grand Master Choi Kok Sui's teachings have given me fearless abandon to dive deeper into Communion with Creation, into motherhood whole heartedly, not without sleep deprivation and postpartum depression.


My two toddlers and I ventured to a life off-grid into the jungles of Costa Rica, and there we embarked in "dharma" action (service) by starting a non-profit, "Pave the Road" that is the voice of a neglected community where kids get sick in their open-air schools from silica-laden road dust.


After we had our fill storming the corridors of the highest powers of government to implement an environmental law mandating the use of waste materials in road construction, to protect the planet and the school children, we returned to Canada where we are currently unleashing our award-winning documentary. (

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